The end of the month is going to bring us a new EP from Dog Blood.

The collaborative team consists of American DJ and producer Skrillex teaming up with German producer Boys Noize. The two teamed up back in 2012 and have since released three EPs: Middle Finger, Middle Finger Pt. 2, and Middle Finger Pt. 2: The Remixes. The remixed EP was put out in 2014, and nothing has been released since then.

Back in March, Dog Blood released “Turn Off the Lights,” giving fans something new for the first time in a few years. Now, they have a release date to look forward to. Skrillex tweeted out an update, letting everyone know that¬†Dog Blood EP will be coming out on May 31st.

A tracklist has not been released yet, but the duo just finished the new 4 track was just finished, and we only have a few weeks to wait until we hear more.


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