Back in 2012 inside The Belasco in Downtown Los Angeles during Grammy weekend, Skrillex did a stage dive during the show and accidentally hit one of the crowd members, Jennifer Fraissl, in doing so.Two years later, a lawsuit against him for loss of income due to her time in the hospital as well as the hospital fees themselves was filed, and since the 2014 lawsuit, the plaintiff had a medical evaluation to use as evidence in the lawsuit. Reportedly, Skrillex has requested that a second psychiatric evaluation be done to measure the trauma that the plaintiff reports she experienced due to her injuries. But in docs, obtained by TMZ, Jennifer says she’s refusing to go through the exam … especially because she already has with her own doctors. The judge will decide if she has to submit to further testing.

Whether or not this will go through is up to the judge. The video of the dive can be found below; more news on this to come.

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