Skrillex’s definitely breaking a sweat now … a jury just decided he has to pay a fan over a MILLION bucks in an injury lawsuit.

A jury just awarded Jennifer Fraissl a whopping $4,525,402 in her lawsuit against the DJ, in which she claimed she suffered a stroke after he pulled a stunt at one of his concerts. Skrillex himself was found to be responsible for 35% of the damages awarded by the jury … roughly $1.6 million.

There’s more bad news for Skrillex … his touring company, Lost Boys, owes an additional $1.8 mil. Jennifer won’t be able to collect it all because the jury also found her to be 15% responsible for the incident.

TMZ broke the story … Fraissl sued the DJ in February 2014 claiming Skrillex leaped off his DJ table while performing at The Belasco Theater in downtown L.A. … and landed on top of her. By the way, venue got dinged for about $450k of the damages.

Skrillex tells us he’s disappointed by the jury’s decision, but added, “There is nothing more important to me than my fans and their safety at my shows — I want them to have fun and enjoy the music.”

His attorney, Barry Thompson, isn’t taking it that well, saying the evidence “included video proof that [Skrillex] never made physical contact with Ms. Fraissl.”

He also threw shade at her health issues — “Ms. Fraissl’s active international travel schedule since her stroke seems unlikely for someone who suffered the type of mental and physical damages she and her attorney claimed.”

He says they’ll make a decision soon about an appeal.

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