The rules of social media go as follows, and any move a person does on social media never fails to have a reason why behind it. Every retweet, like, share, and post. Sometimes more importantly, what someone removes from their account. You know, scrolling through someone’s account, looking at all their pictures and posts, and noticing when they remove certain “content”. So what does it mean when someone clears almost the entirety of their account? What is that person was Skrillex?

Recently the world-famous artist Skrillex cleared all his posts from his Instagram account and only left two up. One is from December 2019 when he accidentally turned off the mixer mid-performance. The second and most recent being a clip of a song that featured Ty Dolla $ign, Ant Clemons, Virtual Riot, and activist/actress Nia Miranda where they speak out again police brutality.

Reddit users also noticed that on r/skrillex, he deleted all but six posts that date back from this past Saturday. The reasons still remain unclear as to why. Fans continue to guess and we will continue to wait to see what the next move is? Is it a new single? New EP? Or is Skrillex just doing a bit of spring cleaning? What is to come will be great and that is surely a guarantee!

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