Day 1 of OWSLA Radio launched quite successfully, with listeners getting a taste of the lives of Skrillex, Mija, Ghastly, and Getter in the studio. Sonny recalled stores of the tracks played in the show and ended with a heartfelt recognition of the people who work with him on his label following a belated happy birthday song to the labelhead. The best and only way to end after all of that is one of the most beautiful tracks from the newest OWSLA Worldwide Compilation, Pretty Bye Bye.

Featuring Skrillex alongside Team EZY and NOMZA, the track demonstrates powerful storytelling and creative interpretations of a garage formula. While we’re not sure if this is the beginning of a long movement of lush melodic pieces from Sonny’s lab, it certainly speaks volumes to his core qualities as a musician on it’s own.

Check out the track below and the full OWSLA Radio premiere, including Getter and Ghastly recreating the sounds of the waves and seagulls around the studio among other things on Soundcloud.

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