German born, Australian based DJ/Producer, Gaspar Prouve, began his journey with music at the young age of 16. Prouve found strong influences in his birth nation after taking on DJing early in his career. He spent a good part of his development in the musically-nurturing city, Berlin, and often cites the city’s abstract surroundings, like abandoned buildings, to his growth as a musician. Since building his musical portfolio, Gaspar has curated a solid discography that includes an honorable music composer participant mention during the 2015 Tirana Film Festival for the short movie ‘Adam’. As an electronic music producer, his focus has been primarily on trance and house with his most recent album, ‘You Fly’ being heavily drawn to lighter styles of trance.

The 15-track album came into existence during his move from Cologne back to Australia and draws influences from early Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk sounds. The opening self-titled track sends the airwaves soaring with a high spirited synthesizer coupled with a galloping kick and bassline. ‘You Fly’ reveals the true trance nature that Gaspar has slowly developed in this single, as well as the entire album. About half way through the album, Prouve begins to explore sounds of what only be associated with his interpretations of greek mythology. Titles 6-12 are all named after Greek Gods and each deliver their own punch as if it were the myths themselves. ‘Hades’ echoes a classic eurodance vibe by engulfing the listeners with a symphonic, repetitive melody that follows with a hard four-to-the-floor kick drum fusing the elements of hard trance to his moniker. ‘Apollo’ provides with the audio elements related to Greek deity. Fast and forthcoming, the track is medicine for the ear as it gallivants with energetic melody that creates a heavenly effervescence


The album closes with a GDE favorite, ‘Stardust’. Unlike the rest of the album, ‘Stardust’ slows down the high-paced rhythm heard throughout ‘You Fly’. Calming the soul down for the albums inevitable ending, the track leaves us with nostalgic feeling of listening to something beautiful eventually end as all good thing must come to. If Gaspar Prouve was trying to convey Carl Sagan’s metaphor of life as start dust through a song, he may have succeeded.

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