Here’s something groovy to kick off the last month of a tumultuous year. Solo electronic artist project, SofaTramp, hails from the United Kingdom and as he puts it is ‘just a bloke, on a sofa, making music with his dog’. The 10 track LP is an audio showcase of all the musical pleasantry that SofaTramp is all about. Unwillingly to be boxed up in any genre, ‘Wax On’ is a journey that spans across genres. You’ll find elements of house, funk, dub, and glitch.

“Wax On is my 12 month journey through Post-disco, mid-tempo house, Detroit techno, dub, breakbeat, electro, rare groove and soul, downtempo, pirate garage radio, jazz-funk, glitch and elevator… with some sludgy hip hop vibes thrown in for good measure. The slightly skewed kind of stuff that has ebbed into my subconscious over the years after falling asleep with it still ringing in my ears after a night out.”

You’ll find a sound for just about anyone fond of electronic music in SofaTramp’s humble discography. Whether you dig the undulating dub basslines of ‘Mumble’ or the more ethereal breakbeat elements of ‘Forever Alone’, the sound of SofaTramp plays on. The entire album is an excellent start to what sounds like a very promising artist to come.

Check out SofaTramp down below!

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