In an unprecedented turn of events, a viral Facebook joke legitimately turned into a full fledged music festival. That’s right: Lincoln County in Nevada has officially approved two events to take place in the spirit of storming area 51. One event, hosted by Harris and Keith Wright in Hiko, will host 5000 people. The second event produced by Connie West, owner of the Little A’le’Inn motel in Rachel, can fit up to double that number on her property for camping. At this moment, she already has 700 reservations. Each festival will announce their lineup very soon.

The county is working to make sure the events provide ample food, water and other accommodations to keep the event organized. “We’ll give people something to do so they don’t run amok,” said George Harris, who plans to repurpose his Alien Research Center gift shop into a music venue off a road dubbed Extraterrestrial Highway. Additionally, law enforcement will make a presence on the site as well. Sadly, anyone who legitimately tries to “storm” area 51 will be arrested.

Could this turn into a yearly tradition? With the right execution on the first go, it’s very possible.


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