Even the biggest of bands typically bank more off of their Merch sales at shows, and Swedish House Mafia is no exception. To get people hyped about their world tour, they released previews of their tour exclusive merchandise. One example shows the three in front of what looks like a column of fire, with their name in an retro metal-like font much different than their usual clean, classy style . Their Save the World t-shirt continues this trend, with two palms carrying a burning globe that matches the color of blocky text above. All in all, the designs are a dramatic shift from their usual image…and as you may have guessed, it’s thrown the fans into a backlash:

Not only do the designs seem to dissatisfy fans, but the elephant in the room lies in the fact that the three are still sitting on the new material we’ve all been waiting for. A Save the World shirt would be nice, but Merch representing the music released at the time of the tour would be so much sweeter.

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