Signaling cryptic messages is Swedish House Mafia’s bread and butter; they pulled off another move like that at the end of their Creamfields set. A simple message showed up on the screen right after their last song rang through the arena: 06.09.19. That would mean the 6th of next month…but what is being revealed is still a secret. Considering there are already some tour dates on the map, it’s more likely to mean new music. The latter is probably more desired, as plenty of IDs fans are eagerly waiting for. Arty even said he’s anxious to remix a song the three Swedes have barely acknowledged. In a time in which albums are coming within a day of their announcement thanks to artists like Beyoncé and Missy Elliot, we’d like to hope the Swedes will jump on that train too. Whatever the case, less than two weeks remain until the news drops.

06.09.19 from r/SwedishHouseMafia

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