Hailing from Sevilla, the birthplace of flamenco, is singer and song writer Elena Andujar. This new rising star and her term have just put out an new EP that combines the fiery elements of flamenco with dance music elements that makes for quite the body-shaking combination. The 7-track, ‘Flamenco in Time’ EP features 4 originals and 3 distinct reworks that add club feels, midnight themes, and funky beats to their original renditions.

‘Fever’ that is producer, Matt Warren’s, LateNite ride version is our favorite track out of the entire EP. Funky house vibes complement Elena’s boisterous flamenco elements perfectly and will get anyone onto the dance floor hip-swaying in full motion. Disco lovers will find their ears perking to the discofunk mix of ‘What It Is’, the EP’s tribute to the Queen of Soul that provides funky club vibes that will take you back to the discotheque back in the 70s.

Elena Andujar’s career goes beyond her music and well into the entertainment industry. She’s performed on various stages since the age of 10 and continues to push herself constantly in any endeavor she pursues. She is currently the main star in an upcoming flamenco documentary, ‘Flamenco: Passion in Danger’ that followers her life as one of the modern performers in an endangered art form and lifestyle.

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