Gamers will recognize the name of Takahir Izutani, the co-composer of Metal Gear Solid 4 and Bayonetta. His recent album, which we will dive into shortly, has gotten the attention of many of his fans specifically due to his association to these two video games. Although he won some notoriety with his gamer involvement, Izutani flies under the flag of his solo music project, Dugo. ‘Lingua Franca’ is the culmination of what Izutani has been making for the past 10 years with collaborative influences from artists and other musicians. It stands a celebration for his life and dedication to the music project that is Dugo.

Dugo warms your eyes up with ‘Sunburst’ and wastes no time showcasing the true weapon of his project, the guitar. Layered over breakbeat drum patterns that give off a sonic, tribal feel, ‘Sunbursts’ has accompany vocal chants that add to the song’s effervescence. ‘Gliding Bird’ sounds like the beginning to a movie score, which begins¬†with Dugo picking his guitar in a gliding fashion until long, stretched out synths join the production and transcends the song into enchanting, upbeat stride.

‘Momentum’ takes listeners down a more breakbeat focused introduction that showcases Dugo’s love of complex drum patterns and percussion. What beings to sound like Dugo takes a darker path is quickly picked back up with his sexy, sultry talent with a guitar. The second breakdown of ‘Momentum’ accents a heavy hitting bassline that ties all the songs elements together. ‘Two Sides’ offers Dugo’s album a pretty, little mess that you would not expect to work out with all the fast-paced elements involved, some that abruptly end one other to take the song down different direction. First left, then right, yet it all works well with each other.

Dugo gracefully ends what has been 10 years in the making with ‘Ruin’. A choppy drum and bass pattern with flute-like, synthesizer harmonizes your ears like a snack charmer and reminds us that all beautiful things have an ending. Dugo strums a few guitar chords while a piano roll introduces more complex drum patterns. Together, all elements say to your ears that this is end.

‘Franca Lingua’ is out now on Brain Wave, get it HERE.

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