Montreal-based group Tanuki project is back with a brand new studio album that encompasses raw emotional sounds as a sonic journey of humans’ development from hunter gatherer into the artificial intelligence age. Each song is meant to capture a moment in time as humans, interpreted through their songs. The album, ADAMANT, is a 4-track album that ranges from trip hop to ambient, each accurately precise in sound design and production.

“Our new project ADAMANT is out now with its CHAPTER #01, including 4 songs. ADAMANT’s sound is emotional, the power of uplifting sweetness combined with mesmerizing soulful vocals and hypnotic beats and bass. The statement is purely artistic and emotional though deeply rooted in today’s collective issues.”

Tanuki Project is a purely independent music project. They’ve relied solely on their experience with multimedia and relationships that have taken years to foster and create. Chapter #1 of ADAMANT is just the beginning with the release of Chapter coming very soon. Dive in to the experimental minds of Tanuki Project down below!

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