The pandemic has thrown the entire world for a spin and redefined everything about the way we live our lives. As we are tucked away in quarantine until this passes, events that we love and frequent – festivals, concerts, and raves – have been canceled or postponed until 2021.

We live in the age of technology that has allowed for live streams and digital festivals to pull us through. but Germany took it one step further.

Last night, the first drive-in rave was hosted. The BigCityBeats World Club Dome Drive-In occurred in a parking lot and included not only DJs and music, but fireworks and more. World Club Dome is a festival that was supposed to happen in Frankfurt this June, but because of COVID-19, it was postponed until 2021. The festival decided to hold a live streaming stadium event on April 18th, and then their parking lot rave last night. Similar to a drive-in movie, everyone was able to go to the festival and enjoy the music and visual from the safety of their cars. While we hope that we can all rave together soon, this was an awesome alternative that allowed people tote t out of their house and be in the music without putting their health or anyone else’s in danger. World Club Dome streamed it live on their Facebook page.

See photos and the videos below.

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