There’s no such thing as UMF FOMO if you live in the West Coast; as a matter of fact, there is one festival in particular that may entice you as much(if not more) than the Miami affair. Beyond Wonderland in San Bernadino is home to a more immersive experience than ever before with the addition of a vast camping area which gives Insomniac‘s Headliners the chance to relax and enjoy the commute-free, community focused, and sunny environment of the San Manuel Ampitheater. This week saw announcements of three new additions to the camping experience.
Open Decks: Your opportunity to kill it at Beyond yourself

Ever wish your friendly neighborhood cafe had a pair of CDJs lying around instead of Bongos and a mic for all the poets in the house? From noon until 4 that day, said CDJs will be your oyster for 20 minutes as Insomniac introduces Open Decks for the first time ever. Sign ups begin at 11:30 at the Silent Disco area and will include sets by…well, possibly you.
Silent and Not-So-Silent Disco: Pre and afterparties on site

Following the festivities of Beyond, those who have the remaining spring in their step that they would have used to drive down the freeway will get the treat of a silent disco until 6AM each night, featuring acts like dynamically creative Discovery Project Alumnus Ryan Lofty and Insomniac’s own Sweet & Low. For those willing and able to get to the campgrounds a night early, there will be a Not-So-Silent disco in the same spot Thursday night with quite loud sets from Chris Lake and Go Freek among others. You should make the most of every second you get this weekend, this party being no different.
Oasis Water Bar and Rain Supreme art Exhibit: Sophisticated hydration and unique artwork

You’ll need water at this festival more than anything else, so why not have a selection to choose from? Oasis Water Bar will be serving up water from a myriad of sources as an educational, fun experience. The Rain Supreme Exhibit will also be in place, showcasing unique pieces with collected Rain Barrels being the only medium. Both pieces will only be available Saturday from 9AM-4PM, so make sure you have time to check it out.

 If you didn’t have camping passes before and are still considering what to do for accommodations, these and many other great reasons should tip you towards booking a spot to pitch your tent. Check out the camping video above and keep an eye on Pasquale Rotella’s Instagram for some sneak peaks of the construction of your destination next weekend.

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