Captive Gryffin fans in SoCal had to wait a little bit longer than anticipated to see him due to unforeseen circumstances, but luckily, the wait is now 50% finished. The NYC based producer is finally touching down on Pomona’s Fox theater on the 26th of February, making a name for himself early on with the release of Ellie Goulding’s 2014 hit “Burn,” Gryffin went on to make an undisputed anthem with #1 hit “Heading Home,” featuring the vocals of Josef Salvat. His latest work on Darkroom Records, Gravity Pt. 1 features six different vocalists on each track, showcasing the producer’s variety of musical influence. The second part may be due soon, and if fans are lucky, they could even get a small taste of the work in February’s show.

With a highly-buzzed about set at Coachella both weekends in 2018 and upcoming performances at A-list festivals like Lollapalooza and Governor’s Ball 2017, Gryffin thrives on creating an unforgettable stage show that blurs the line between electronic music and raw live performance. Further proving the vitality of his music, several artists have taken to performing Gryffin’s versions of their own songs when playing live. And with his name referencing the mythical half-lion/half-eagle creature and its power to soar, Gryffin aims to continue instilling a potent, uplifting energy into each of his tracks. “Part of the reason I like working with piano and guitar so much is that it adds a human element that can’t be replicated—you might not even realize it as a listener, but you feel it on some deeper level,” he says. “It builds this connection that’s really powerful, and to me that ability to make music that moves people and picks them up is the most rewarding thing in the world.” Either way, everyone under the lights of the Fox will get a smorgasbord of good music to end the winter in style.

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