Ryan “Kaskade” Raddon’s beachside spectacular #SunSoaked opened the doors for dance music to take shape on California’s beautiful beaches.

Never one to skip on an encore, Kaskade announced plans for this year’s show a while back but omitted the special date. Today we got our answer from a dedicated Kaskade fan page known as “Kaskade Konnect” in the form of a reply to one of their fans on Twitter. An assortment of sun emojis announcing Saturday, 7/21/18 was confirmed by the fan page in a quote retweet. Though there’s no flyer quite yet, we’d say it’s time to get your schedule cleared ASAP. Now before you start questioning this, Kaskade fully endorses this account and even told his fans to go hit up Kaskade Konnect because he heard “they not keeping secrets over there”.

With that being said, see everyone in Long Beach on Saturday, July 21st!


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