Hear the sensational club single by Germany’s own TIM PLVNK, ‘SHAWTY’. A deep house cut with a sultry nightlife inspired vocalist that is sure to kick up the global airwaves. Thumping bassline and vivacious synthesizer will keep your hips swaying and your fists pumping as the DJ drops this infectiously catchy single. True to his signature sound TIM PLVNK is a name any main stage music lover needs to see live.

TIM PLVNK’s journey in music started at the ripe age of 12 and he’s been riding adventure ever since. His hit singles ‘Just Tonight’ and ‘I Just Want You’ have garnered over 5 million plays in total, recognizing him as household name in club music. We are very excited to see what else is yet to come from TIM PLVNK!

Check out ‘SHAWTY’ down below!

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