A local newspaper in Belgium blew the whistle on some crazy activity happening in the background of the Tomorrowland Festival: staff at the festival deal drugs to attendees… in high quantity in some cases. The article, translated from Dutch, says the following:

“The witnesses go one step further and say that some crew members deliberately work for the festival to deal drugs. “He had 36 pills, 4 grams of coke, 6 grams of speed and 4 grams of ketamine,” we hear an employee say. VTM NEWS checks the story with another employee and he fully confirms it: poor checks and dealing crew members. The two crew members that we hear deny that they themselves brought drugs into the festival grounds. But the temptation is there.”

The promoters behind Tomorrowland refuse to respond in front of the camera. No fewer than 10,000 people work at and for the festival. According to the organization, checks are carried out at the crew both during the build-up and during the festival, both at the crew entrances and exits and at the crew campsite. “” We are convinced that this misplaced behavior of some crew members is very exceptional. ”


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