Dive into the explorative mind of WooliebuGGer, who can’t wait to share his music with the world. Hugely influenced by Boards of Canada, WooliebuGGer hones in on his own production skills and years of experience to create an influenced sound that is entirely his own. Ambient IDM tracks, ‘Drift’ and ‘Transmission 70’ both offer listeners an in depth audio evolution of eclectic soundscapes and mind-bending sound design.

“I felt it was time to let the world hear what I hear and am influenced by when I visit Boards of Canada. Their unique blend of sounds and a new type of ambient and Braindance/IDM music.”

Driven purely by passion and curiosity, WooliebuGGer has been tinkering with his music since the age of 14. Beyond Boards of Canada, he likens his sound and style to that of Aphex Twins, Kraftwerk, Future Sound Of London, and many others alike. WooliebuGGer has a great knack for taking sounds from the 90s and constructing something that is completely new and innovative.

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