Uber’s making a massive policy change in response to the anguish of some of their drivers. The company had previously never revealed a rider’s destination, meaning drivers would be blindsided into driving out of their way for a long time—in some cases, to festivals with difficult service. This has undoubtably caused several hundred moments of friction between the two parties. Given that drivers earn more from multiple shorter trips, this could make it more difficult for ravers looking to make their way across a city in the early hours of the morning or to remote locations for a party.

Recently, though, drivers have gained the rights of normal employees despite their company’s push in court to refrain from allowing them a minimum wage or benefits. After careful consideration, Uber is revealing a rider’s location to give the driver a decision of whether or not they want to pick the driver up. As hard as this will make getting to a venue or a festival from now on, the transition will be worth it to ease tensions that could ruin a night overall. Resolving the issue is a huge move for helping said employees achieve a better work-life balance.

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