The future of Ultra has been a wild ride. The journey began when their contract with Bayfront park ended and Ultra switched its location to Virginia Key Beach Park for their 2019 festival. While the 2019 festival went off with only a few bumps, where Ultra would have the 2020 festival has been a back and forth since then.

The City of Miami was going to vote on whether or not Ultra would be able to have their 2020 festival within the city. Before that could happen, though, Ultra voluntarily terminated its contract and began to search elsewhere. News of the scoping out of a new location in South Florida came out in May, with speculations being that it  Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Then, another curve-ball was thrown. The city of Miami, after likely realizing how much money they would be losing if Ultra left, decided to bring them back to Bayfront Park. The home of Ultra for most of it’s two decade run might be back once more.

Today, Miami’s city government decided in a 3-2 vote to allow Ultra to come back to Bayfront Park in 2020. The vote comes with some financial and logistical limitations, such as lowering the decibel levels during the festival and paying the city a higher amount of money to be there. In spite of this, it seems that Ultra will be back to where many consider its true home for 2020.


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