“Why do we listen to music? It’s an intrinsic crave that we have as humans to want to feel something, anything. As an artist, Kid pours his passion and emotion into every note he plays. He constructs mosaics of drums, chords, and more to allow listeners to feel connected as they clutch onto a little piece of his soul.

His unadulterated view on music drives Kid to try new things, expand out, and work endlessly to help his audience feel connected to his music. After garnering over 146,000 plays on his official Steve James remix in just a few days, it’s easy to see that people are resonating with the masterpieces Kid construes. The thing is, this is just the beginning for Kid. The overwhelming positive responses to his music has only served to further fuel the fire that lies inside of him. As he unveils the projects that he has devoted his time, passion, and energy to it will become apparent to everyone that this was what he was born to do.

In just 2 weeks Kid will be back with another gem titled Dimensions featuring the ever talented Brave. With this next track Kid let’s you peer into a part of himself that has never been on display before. Once Dimensions penetrates you to your soul you will know that Kid is a student that forces himself to adapt and evolve to better express himself to fans. Kid is about to become your favorite new artist in 2016 so let his music seize your feelings as you join him on his own personal journey.

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