I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when the flute-forward pop album appeared in my inbox. What filled my ears was an album I did not anticipate enjoying. Smooth jazz and uplifting lo-fi beats took me to a sonic world that I didn’t know was worth exploring. Brooklyn musician NTHNL is showcasing what an instrument dating back some 40,000 years can do in a contemporary art form. The classically trained composer, pianist, now producer and multi-flutist presents a delightful 10-track album, Cosmic Flute Rides Again. Due on all streaming platforms on March 10th, you can get a sneak peak into what this bonker album is all about in the leading single, Our Secret. What is the secret? That you didn’t know you’d fall in love with a flute-forward album.

“I’m not quite sure why I made this album. It’s for some reason felt important to me to make a flute-fronted pop album to celebrate this instrument and to give it a wildly new context in which to sing. The flute is the oldest instrument we have evidence of, dating back at least 40000 years to both humans proper and Neanderthals. This instrument is almost as universal as music itself across human culture and serves as the gateway between the spiritual and the corporeal. 

With the flute being the focal of each song, NTHNL’s flute skills dance around exceptionally well-produced beats that create a sonic landscape with each passing track. The carefree album makes you feel joy and puts the pep in your step that you most desperately need. Until the album drops, enjoy Our Secret. 

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