Vipid is a solo electronic music project by Jared Simmons. His most recent release, ‘Memories’ is a 9-track LP that is comprise of ambient chill productions that incorporate live instrumentation. For those who love the sounds of Tycho and Bonobo, this could be another artist to unwind to. ‘Memories’ will help put your mind to ease as you navigate this world in one of the most uncertain times today.

“Memories is an album that draws inspiration from early points in my life. As you look back on memories and recall the way life used to be, it’s often informed by all the things you’ve learned since then. Memories really was a way for me to channel those experiences and see them in a new light.” – Vipid

All instruments in ‘Memories’ were played by Jared Simmons, ‘Vista’ is one of those tracks where his skills incorporating live instruments with electronic production really shine. The guitar instrumentation creates a soothing simplicity that is audio enjoyment.

Vipid was founded back in 2017 in St Louis, but has recently followed the industry to Los Angeles. The successful release of ‘Memories’ has accrued more than 250,000 streams across all major streaming sites and despite the lack of live experiences during the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, participated at the record-breaking 2020 #iVoted Festival.

Check out ‘Memories’ down below!

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