Above & Beyond have a quality eye when it comes to the footage of their radio show anniversaries. Their focus on creating multiple shots of their beautiful visual display and the crowd enjoying themselves even trumps the streams of festivals with triple the crowd size and ten times the artists. ABGT250’s coverage is no different, starting and ending with a bang by showing off their Group Therapy experience at the Gorge in glorious 4K. In addition to announcing their new album and playing new tracks from it, they had guests join them in reading shoutouts from the night. Over the years, people’s feelings of missing out on an event and the memories they share with friends has been decreased thanks to promoters streaming their events and allowing those at home to enjoy the experience. Thanks to whole Anjunabeats team’s attention to detail when it comes to showing people the event and allowing them to communicate with each other, fans’ unified experience is strengthened more than its ever been.

Watch all of the exciting new music being played in real time and in amazing quality on Youtube. Look out for more sets from the weekend as they become available.

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