Nocturnal Wonderland happened in a blink of an eye, but the memories of the magical weekend last a lifetime.

We have to give props to the headliners who really put effort into recording live sets at festivals like Insomniac’s 21st Nocturnal Wonderland. Thanks to one attendee who goes by the name “madmanL1p” on YouTube, everyone can watch Above & Beyond’s amazing live set.

The video captures an hour worth of euphoria and trance, that brings the crowd and fans together because we all know music, unites us.

From Anjunabeats originals to their modern day classics, Above & Beyond took us through a time machine of their discography. Not only do you get to listen to the music they spinned but you even get to experience what it was like being their with such a wide angle video. The pyrotechnics, fire, crazy visuals, and absolutely impeccable production is portrayed very well in the video as well.

Magical moments happen at music festivals and one particular event happened during Above & Beyond’s set. When their track “We’re All We Need” played, a momentous action was taken by a headliner who wanted this memory to last forever. As the music went on and a crowd seemed to spread around a couple, something special was about to happen. What seemed like a normal act of trading kandi, turned into a proposal, right in the middle of the set. The bracelet read, “MARRY ME” and once the Kandi was on her hand, and he was on one knee, everyone knew this proposal was really happening and an everlasting memory was being made. The beautiful and thoughtful proposal made it on the official Insomniac snapchat, but for those who missed it and want to see what true love looks like, watch the video below that was filmed by their friend Freddy. Congratulations on your engagement Cynthia and Juan!

We’re warning you now that you might get the chills so be prepared!


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