While the U.S. may not see the EPIC Sphere until there’s a ceiling that can hold it up, we do get to experience the marvel that is Deadmau5’s new cube 3.0. As a matter of fact, L.A. gets to see it five nights in a row at the Hollywood Palladium. The U.K. got their first and only look at it this weekend at Creamfields, For those who need convincing to check it out, the full show is available to stream online from the performance.

It’s always a treat to see a Deadmau5 show not only for the front row seat to brand new tunes, but because of his classics like Raise Your Weapon reimagined through new stage theatrics and other vocalists like his special guest Lights singing the lyrics. This is only one of several savor-able moments from the performance to check out. We’d say not to wear it out too much, but the beauty of a show like this is that nothing can replace being in front of the cube on a night out with your buddies.

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