Defqon. 1 made history twice this year with a fun memory of Showtek’s old school flavor and the straight up return of Headhunterz to his original fan base. It’s fair to say this is one of the best years in the festival’s history.

To finish the ride, the Ending Ceremony lured people in with a distant melody that quickly escalated into a tribal drum buildup. The angles on all of the action at the mainstage made us realize how insane these shows can get. The gargantuan size, a massive array of pyro and strobe lights syncing together in such a perfect way makes it an awe-inspiring technological feat to behold. This video is 20 minutes, and we’d advise you to wait until you have the freedom to replay it 3 times like we’re about to do.

What big surprise do you think is coming at next year’s Defqon. 1? Let us know by tweeting us @GlobalDanceElec.

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