A full video of Eric Prydz’s new HOLO show does not do it a lick of justice…but we know your curiosity has the best of you, so we won’t keep this beautiful 2 hours to ourselves. As we mentioned with the previous smaller previews, the holographic imagery is incredibly lifelike, with an opening cinematic that even from our perspective looked like it was going to knock the woman in the crowd off of someone’s shoulders. As the set goes on, several intense color and light changes flare off in the background. Fair warning: this video will only make you protest the lack of a HOLO date in the US…or accidentally buy a ticket to fly across the world for the next announced overseas date.

Check out the full video and tracklist below.


Pryda – WOWOW (Working Title)
Pryda – Belgrade Expo ID2 (Working Title)
Pryda – Escape 2017 Intro ID (Working Title)
Cirez D – Marquee Las Vegas 2017 ID (Working Title)
Cirez D – Recall Pryda – Run
Pryda – Juletider
Pryda – Sonar ID 02 (Working Title)
Pryda – HOLO Glasgow ID
Pryda – The Hoax
Eric Prydz ft. Jan Burton – Niton (The Reason)
Pryda – Mirage Cirez D – On Off
Adam Beyer – What You Need
Cirez D – Backlash
Eric Prydz – Every Day (Intro Edit)
Eric Prydz – Pjanoo Williams – The Arrival (Departure) (Eric Prydz 2005 Private Remix)
Pryda – New Eras
Eric Prydz – Sunset at Café Mambo
Eric Prydz ft. Tom Cane – Generate (EPIC Interlude Mix)
Eric Prydz – Summerburst ID (Working Title)
Eric Prydz – Opus

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