If you didn’t already know, Paris Hilton has a DJ residency in Ibiza, but what’s worse is her newfound interest in Eric Prydz. While we can’t get mad over the fact that her music taste is improving, she’s playing a track that’s a bit out of her league. The Swedish, progressive house producer, Eric Prydz’ grand masterpiece, “Opus” is compiled into her live set at Amnesia accompanied by big room house tracks from what seem like a decade ago in musical terms but only come from the year 2012. Hopping from Nari & Milani’s track “Atom,” to Showtek’s “Cannonball,” Prydz seems a bit out of place in her set.

It might sound snobby to undermine her song selections, but a song like “Opus” is a progressive work of art that has a build-up like no other that one can only manage to handle. Paris seems to take the 9-minute track as an opportunity to dance, interact with fans, and take photos and videos, rather than focusing on her mixing.
We never thought we would say goodbye to Carl Cox’s legendary Ibiza residency and hello to Paris Hilton’s…

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