Many dance music aficionados and new fans alike are getting excited for the many festivals to come this summer, not to mention the load of acts who have booked a full tour through the bulk of them. Nest HQ went “straight for the jugular” when asking Pendulum’s KJ Sawka questions about the group’s looming reunion:

KJ: It seems I can always tell just a tiny bit about Pendulum as its always so secret, but I’m super stoked about Pendulum live. We have put so much work into it.

NHQ: that was so vague!

KJ: I know right!

Saw goes on to mention that so far four dates have been confirmed and released including Creamfields and SW4. In the meantime, though, the producer and drummer had plenty to talk about including his work with his own label, musician peers, and how to be truly independent.

Check out the whole interview on Nest HQ.

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