‘Breath’ is the new single from a house producer who needs no introduction. With more than 15 years under his belt as a DJ and producer, Philly’s own Tommy Capretto is back with a brand new single and accompany music video. You’ll find his signature sound pulsating in this club house single that really has all us missing the sounds of club and festival circuits. Fit for any mainstage play, ‘Breath’ is the complete audio package. The vocals take you on a melodic journey that is accompanied with war horns that really give the song the bravado you need.

Beyond the single, Capretto has established himself as a household name in dance music. He’s a fiercely sought after producer who has remixed the works of Dragonette and MNEK. He has high priase from peers that include Roger Sanchez, Robbie Rivera, and Blasterjaxx just to name a few.

Check out our interview with Tommy Capretto and what he has to say about the new release down below!

GDE :Hey Tommy! Welcome to Global Dance Electronic. How’s your year been so far, for what has been a challenging time for the whole industry?
It’s had its ups and downs with COVID happening and all. But, for the most part we’re using the slight downtime from doing gigs to focus on my label [Summoned Records] and upcoming releases. 
GDE :Congrats on your new single ‘Breath’ – can you tell us a little about the production process & inspiration behind the track? 
Thanks, I really appreciate that! Breath is just a record that tells a story of an individual wanting freedom from a ‘nightmare’ of a partner. It’s certainly full of emotion. I really wanted to focus more on the emotion of the track as opposed to just your typical structured deep house tune. I wanted the listener to really feel it. 

GDE :Can you share anything about your personal journey into the industry & what the evolution of your career’s been like, to this point? 
What a story, haha, I was actually discovered in Miami. Long story short I was in a taxi cab with Crystal Waters, and I was playing her my records that I was shopping at the time. She told me I should come with her to the Juicy Beach event to meet Robbie Rivera. I chatted with Robbie, exchanged info, and sent him some records. He came back a few days later with interest in one track, and he signed it.  That’s how I landed my first deal. To this day, the evolution of my career has been with the same idea… networking. 
GDE :What’s your favorite part about being an artist & has there been a stand out moment or achievement to date that you feel most proud of?
My favorite part about being an artist is the complete freedom I have to create and use music as a tool to express my emotions. A great standout moment for me was definitely playing at Schimansky in Brooklyn. Ice-T was there and specifically came up to me before I played and said if I sucked he was going to come up and let me know. He came up to the booth towards the end of my set, and offered me a hand shake instead. Definitely a cool moment for me. 
GDE :’Breath’ is also the first release from your Tysons Corner EP, what track is scheduled to come next?
Yes ‘Breath’ is the first single off the EP. ‘Situationship’ will be the next single! It’s already a favorite on the EP to a lot of people so I’m super excited about it! I believe we’re also shooting a video. Eyes open for that! 
GDE :In three words, how would you describe your sound?
Emotional, dark, and fun. 
GDE :What’s been one of the best shows you’ve performed at & what made it special?
I’d definitely have to say philly 100%. Noto nightclub. It’s was my 30th birthday and I got to play with two of my biggest influences early in my career – Chus and Ceballos. 
GDE :And finally, what is your key focus as an artist – as we look into 2021 and beyond?
I just want to continue to grow. Musically, I want to certainly explore different avenues from underground to more mainstream house records. I also would like to get rolling on signing new records and artists to my label, Summoned Records. Really, Really looking forward to the new year!

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