WaxFeet is back with his new highly anticipated album, ‘Blues and Pinks’. The epitome of chill would be an understatement on the album you’re about to listen to. The album ambiently screams vibes as it seamlessly takes you on an epic audio adventure surfing through soundwave after soundwave.

If you’re looking for ‘hits’ akin to that of pop or club music, these aren’t the hits you’re looking for. To put as they would, the album aims to ‘heal’ and provide calm, atmospheric soundscapes that puts the mind at ease. Although the music will take you from hectic to simple, they’re music is anything but simple. ‘Do I Know You’ incorporates guitar riffs and synths layered over a simple drum kick pattern, and yet completely transform into audio experience unlike any other. The trumpet sample in ‘Stinky Weed’ transform the audio landscape altogether and takes you to the smoky environment of a world almost from another time.

They create splendid audiovisual experiences that excite, calm and heal the mind. You’ll find influences of J Dilla and Nujabes, with their own signature sounds that excite the world of lofi hip-hop.

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