Sadly, Coachella will not become the Summer-of-Love sequel paradise that several attendees assume it’s going to morph into. With the passing of California’s new marijuana laws, the FAQ page on the festival’s website updated with the question on everyone’s minds…and the answer was not a favorable one:

According to TMZ, those hoping to get in some 4/20 action at Coachella would be well-advised to abstain, since the city of Indio is looking to clamp down on marijuana use. Despite the fact that California has legalized weed some time ago, each city or town in the state is allowed to decide for themselves whether or not they’re going to allow recreational selling of the ganja, and unfortunately for Coachella attendees in 2018, there’s going to be no leniency in this regard.

The city of Indio (and really, most of California) allows personal recreational use of the herb, but public consumption is still a big no-no. BUYING it is a whole different story; several cities have recreational dispensaries, meaning you can get into the stores with a state ID and enjoy it in whatever house you’re staying in before hitting up the polo fields.

Will this stop the inevitable 4/20 cloud over the festival? We’ll see.

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