LA-based events company, Wicked Paradise, is hosting its brand’s very first DJ competition! Established and up & coming DJs alike will compete for a chance at opening Wicked Paradise’s upcoming Los Angeles and Miami summer show dates.

Known for their infamous pool parties and day club experiences, Wicked Paradise has curated lineups that have hosted Phantoms, Justin Jay, Dom Dolla, GoldFish, Autograf, Moon Boots, Paul Oakenfold, Purple Disco Machine, OFFAIAH, SNBRN, Will Clarke, Le Youth, Goldroom, Croatia Squad, Pete Tong, and many, many more!

More details on Wicked Paradise’s DJ Competition can be found HERE.

About the competition

DJ contestants will compete in 3 rounds of elimination.

Round 1 – DJs who wish to participate can apply by submitting 30-minute Soundcloud mix with tracklist, timestamps, your artist name, and your city in the description. Contestants must follow @wckdparadise on IG and post a story with the Wicked Paradise DJ Competition, tagging @wckdparadise and @laffairemusicale. Email the link to your Soundcloud mix to [email protected] to enter.

The Round 1 submission deadline is June 4th, 2021. Judges will pick 12 contestants (6 for the Los Angeles date; 6 for Miami date).

Round 2 – Semi-finalists will submit a 45-minute video mix (via Twitch, Dropbox, YouTube, G-Drive, or any method of choice). Judges will interview all 12 contestants June 15-17th, 2021 in order to get to know the artist as individuals as well as offer an opportunity to connect with the judging panel who are all active industry professionals. Use this opportunity for insight, advice, and feedback. 

The Round 2 video submission deadline is June 14th, 2021. Judges will pick 6 finalists (3 for the Los Angeles date; 3 for the Miami date).

Round 3 – In the final round of the competition, the six finalists will perform a 60-minute livestream via Twitch or YouTube. Finalists will be given a designated time slot of – opener, headliner, and closer.

2 winners will be selected following the livestream to perform at either the Los Angeles or Miami date.  2nd Place  winners will receive VIP Invite with Guestlist to any Wicked Paradise event, and invite on the L’Affaire Musicale L’Essentiel Mix Series or Wicked Paradise Exclusive Mix Series. 3rd Place winners will receive VIP Invite with Guestlist to any Wicked Paradise event.

More details on Wicked Paradise’s DJ Competition can be found HERE.

We had the opportunity to chat with Wicked Paradise’s own, Polina Bogomolova. Polina Bogomolova (Paulina Moon) is an Artist Manager and Event Management Assistant at L’Affaire Musicale. A fierce and integral part of the L’Affaire Family, Polina serves as the Competition Lead for Wicked Paradise’s First Annual DJ Competition. At L’Affaire Musicale, she brings an eclectic taste for mainstream sound with an international background familiar with Eastern Europe’s underground house/techno scene. She rounds out the judging panel for the Wicked Paradise DJ Competition as the event’s founder/brainchild and as a representative proponent of hard-working, dedicated, and sensible talent.

Where did the idea of hosting DJ competition come from and how does it align with Wicked Paradise’s brand?

The idea for the competition came from looking at Wicked Paradise’s full schedule for this summer. Seeing that we’re booked almost every weekend to October, I realized that events are slowly getting back to normal. However, artists, especially new ones, will take time to recover much, much longer. This is how I caught myself thinking about the competition – how can we give back to the artist community and allow them to feel more involved in the wait?

Wicked Paradise is all about wicked vibes: fun, sun, smiles, and living in the moment. The DJ Competition fits with our brand completely – a chance to celebrate the return of live events and the artists who kept us going through the pandemic with their mixes and live streams!

How are the contestants being judged in each round of the competition?

In each round, contestants will be judged by their mix submissions. However, it won’t be as easy as record, mix, submit. In this competition, we want to do more than judge their mix selections and technique. We want to see that contestants have a good sense of what it means to be a DJ in this industry. Can they market themselves? Do they know which genres to play? How do they communicate with fans, talent buyers, and other artists? In addition, we want to be able to guide them as well. Aside from judging their mixes, we’ll take a holistic look at their application: submittal dates (the schedule can be tough but so is the music industry), professionalism (self-presentation, respect for others, etc.) and, of course, personality. Music is important, but so is personality, attitude, and collaboration.

What is the importance of hosting a DJ competition and how can they spotlight new DJs?

There are many aspiring DJs who dream of having a stage to play their music. We want to find them. With so many artists trying to promote themselves on social media and build an audience, it is increasingly difficult for DJs to create real connections with industry executives in order to start performing professionally. It excites us that there is still undiscovered talent with huge potential that can be found in their bedroom right now, just a few streets away from us. We at Wicked Paradise, as the leading daughter brand at Artist & Event Management Company, L’Affaire Musicale, feel a need to find and support underground talent.

Therefore, we hope this competition offers an opportunity for participants to receive a lift in their careers. Wicked Paradise is an established series with solid followings in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and New York. With the opportunity to perform at our events, new DJs will have the opportunity to network with our audience and industry partners across the United States.

What does Wicked Paradise hope to accomplish with DJ competitions moving forward?

First and foremost, we want to offer our events as a platform for new faces, visions, ideas and sounds. In dance music especially, this is how music progresses.

During the pandemic, it was difficult for us to sit and wait for change. With live events coming back for us, our team has a chance to lead the way in inspiring and motivating new artists to continue towards recovery. We hope this DJ competition and events moving forward recognize and acknowledge that change in the industry starts with those who are ready to change. We are ready to be that change.

In a post covid world, are live streams going to be as important as they were this past year, especially with live events slowly returning?

I have a strong feeling that live streams will stay with us from now on forever. If this pandemic brought any good to artists, it is that there are always new tools and emergent technology waiting to be used to benefit their careers. In my opinion, while live streams may lose their essentiality when live events return, streaming can still be used in positive ways.
Live streams showed us how musicians can connect with their fans from all parts of the world in one unforgettable moment (Dua Lipa from Studio 2054 in the UK, for example). Indeed, being a fan based in Russia and having a chance to watch one of my favorite artists in real time gave me a feeling of connection, devotion and a stronger artist-fan bond. In this case, I think, live streams will eventually become, and stay, as an additional source of revenue for artists, labels, and live events. Even if a show still streams for free, artists will benefit from being able to globally attract new viewers who, consequently, can become listeners / fans.

Also, live streaming opened new opportunities for talent shows like ours, for example. Now you don’t have to come to the city where a competition is based and you can audition and participate from the comfort and practicality of your own home.

Live streaming still has lots of advantages and it wouldn’t be logical to forget about them once we are able to return to the life that we call “normal”.

More details on Wicked Paradise’s DJ Competition can be found HERE.

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