Wolfgang Gartner is heating things up on the road and in the studio, currently in the midst of a North American tour and today unveiling his latest release “Badboy Sound.”

The track begins with a trippy mixture of vocals and drums, and within thirty seconds blasts off into a dirty banger. Gartner adds in a heavy bassline, alongside laser effects and an electro beat that will have his crowds bouncing off the walls.

“‘Badboy Sound’ was the result of combining my old and new influences to create a sound that is new and fresh for me,” Gartner explains. “I wanted to take my love for electro house and my recent love of future/bass house and meld them in a way that was still a signature Wolfgang Gartner song, and also continue pushing new sounds and sonic textures as a follow-up to my last single “Devotion.” I’ve been playing “Badboy Sound” at every show since I produced it and the crowd response has been amazing, which is always a great sign when nobody knows what it is. I can’t wait until people can have the opportunity to enjoy for themselves.”

The American DJ has made a name for himself as a pioneer of the electro-house sound. Having graced the stages of Coachella, Lollapalooza, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo and North Coast Music Festival with his maximalist performances, Gartner continues to lead the charge as a trailblazer of high-octane beats.

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