In anticipation of his upcoming slew of music from Will Smith…well, he may have wanted more favorable reviews for the first released collaboration between he and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Sadly, Get Lit got the polar opposite set of reviews than expected. We won’t beat around the bush here…here’s what everyone said:

Noisey: “The real tragedy here is not that the song is bad, which it is. It’s that Smith may be attempting to relive his younger days by updating his party raps and adopting what he thinks the kids will embrace. He doesn’t need to do this, is the weird part, as he definitely doesn’t require the cash nor does he need the cultural cache. What we have is just a man flailing needlessly against the riptide of time.”

Uproxx: “It was endearing when Smith rapped about how parents just don’t understand in 1988, but in 2017, hearing a 49-year-old talk about getting ‘lit’ comes off as a Steve Buscemi, ‘How do you do, fellow kids?’ moment.”

Your EDM: “[Get Lit] is pretty cookie-cutter EDM as far as arrangement and production. It’s got some heavy kicks and staggered synth stabs, with a typical hook in “get lit”… honestly, the song could have been good if Smith and Jazzy Jeff put some more sincere effort into it. As it stands, it really just seems like a bandwagon song with them trying to get some street cred with the young kids.”

GDE: “If you see Will Smith’s song getting lit somewhere near you, please put it out by switching to Excision or something. All scathing jokes aside though, we’re more upset than anything about this song. Smith was a symbol of confidence, style, and originality when he started his music career, and we have to hold him to those standards with every new song he makes. In trying to replicate millennial slang we feel like we’ve been hearing for decades, Smith fails to bring the one thing we wanted inside his 2017 comeback…himself. We sincerely hope to see leaps and bounds of improvement somewhere (hopefully everywhere) in the 30 track haul he promises to come soon.”

GQ: “Christ. You know it’s bad if I, a dad, think something is too dad-like. Was this mixed inside a tractor engine? Join us next week when Will drops his next three songs, Woke AF, YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, and [prayer emoji].”

AV Club: “It’s not as desperate as MC Hammer suddenly going gangster, or as out of left field as Bob Dylan rapping with Kurtis Blow, but it’s pretty close to your dad turning up Look What You Made Made Do and doing the Dougie in front of your friends at your bar mitzvah.”

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