A short time ago, Finnish producer Yotto started releasing a host of new originals represented by trippy photos of insects and animals on his new Odd One Out imprint. We knew there would be more to come, and the good news is we just got several potential new releases in one package.

The first version of the Odd One Out Mixtape kicks off and ends with new IDs that we can only assume will be announced soon. The mix also includes some of the hottest new tracks on Mood, Bedrock and Anjunadeep. Finally, we may be seeing the first crop of artists on this label as the mix includes remixes of Nova and Is This Trance? Yotto had plenty of silly words to say about the mix: “There’s a very bad episode of Friends where Chandler recycles an old mixtape from his former lover. This is that mixtape. Music from me, my friends, my favourites and my enemies. Odd One Out Mixtape 01.”

More news on these enemies may surface in the form of thunderous Twitter beefs. For now, check out the mix above and get tickets to see Yotto unleash some of these tracks live on his website.


Yotto Odd One Out 2019 Live Dates

Nov 7 – Celine, Orlando, FL, USA
Nov 8 – EDC Orlando, FL, USA
Nov 9 – Fairmount Theatre, Montreal, QC, Canada
Nov 14 – Q, Seattle, WA, USA (SOLD OUT)
Nov 15 – Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, USA
Nov 16 – CMXX, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Nov 22 – Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO, USA
Nov 23 – Studio B, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Dec 05 – Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki, Finland
Dec 06 – Great Hall Avant Gardner, NY, USA
Dec 07 – The Fonda, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dec 10 – Your Paradise Festival, Fiji
Jan 22-24 – Holy Ship! Wrecked, Dominican Republic
Mar 13 – Village Underground, London, UK


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