Disco, house, and grooves can be found all over Yves Larock’s latest single: ‘Turning On’. You’ll find a vocoder backing up the voice of the wonderful, Mo Yoors, that almost give the track a Daft Punk/Giorgio Moroder/Niles Rodgers sort of vibe. Can you dig it? We sure can as Yves Larock and Mo Yoors bring out the funk on ‘Turning On’. Remixes to the single have also been provided by the likes of Clashclub, Overcoding, P. Brunkow, and Yves Larock himself.

Yves Larock has been rocking the music industry for more than a decade. He has cemented himself firmly as a respected figure and individual in a scene that many can turn to when citing some of the best. His music can be found on some of the hottest record labels of our time including but not limited to: Defected, Spinnin’, Ministry of Sound, and his own imprint Millia Records just to name a few. You can hear him on his weekly Millia Rock Radio Show that’s live across many of Europe’s leading radio stations, including Pete Tong!

Listen to ‘Turning On’ down below!

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