Back in February, I wrote a piece on the debut album of Zenxienz ‘Mind Sigh’ LP, who has now revealed his second album ‘Brainforest’ that is due out on August 4th, 2017. Zenxienz, real name Cameron Williamson, has had an interesting journey in music, which started at the ripe age of 12 when he wrote his first song. Trotting all over the globe, he’s found a niche in electronic music production that he now carries full force in his music career. In his second full length album, Zenxienz has found more direction and focus than ever in the 14-track LP that is ‘Brainforest’. It draws heavily on psychedelic Brainfeeder and Radiohead vibes that range to make the body sway in hypnotic motion or gyrate into complex contortions.

‘Insignia’ opens with an intense rattling of bells, bongos, and countless other percussions until the drum patterns are broken by glowing synthesizers and strings accompanied by a steady hip-hop beat. Like something you would hear from Flying Lotus’ camp, xenzienz finds rhythm and groove in a psychedelically radiant fashion. It’s the perfect track to open up the cerebral book of ‘Brainforest’. ‘Undercurrents’ follows right after that is soothing part 2 of ‘Insignia’. The production tugs heavily on melancholy emotions as you ponder heavily on the meaning of life, but come to the realize that the universe is far too big to belittle yourself with such egotistical questions.

‘Picos’ track number 6 starts off with an abrupted dancefloor killer introduction, but quickly finds a house rhythm before it’s too late. Zenxienz throws in a few beat switch-ups to keep things interesting as he goes back and forth between house and slower breakdown. Pan-flutes close out ‘Picos’ as ethnic chant echoes and the song fades away.

“I chose the title “Brainforest” for this project because I’ve been contemplating the way ideas form in our heads. Being able to ‘see the forest through the trees’ brings some order to that jumbled mess. So many differing opinions and possibilities are accessible to us, and we have the power to reach all of them when we draw back the weeds. This album is almost meant to be a tool for gaining control of your own “Brainforest” and discovering the power you hold.” -zenxienz

You’ll be able to stream and download ‘Brainforest’ in its entirety on August 4th, 2017.

Until then stream the leading single off ‘Brainforest’, ‘Missing California’ that is a break-beat roller for your listening pleasures while you wait.

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1. Insignia
2. Undercurrents
3. In Descent
4. Micronaut
5. Trapazoid Dream
6. Pico
7. Cyber Ants
8. Sync
9. Illicit
10. Coiled
11. Lapse of Bliss
12. Missing California
13. Overdone
14. Gyroscope

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