Free flowing spirit out of Tokyo’s diverse electronic music scene is Healing Spells. A producer that appeals to IDM listeners of Gold Panda and Four Tet, Healing Spells’ music will sooth the mind with its simple, yet properly produced soundscapes and bass. He’s a late bloomer when it comes to his career as a musician, picking up the guitar in his late teens to play out a garage band with some Uni mates.

Moving away from rock music, ‘Past Lives’ is the definitive project of what Healing Spells is today. Electronic music was his pathway of expressing his own self-discoveries through life experiences and gathered knowledge in music. With that, he was able to create a 5-track EP, where the track ‘Sleep Paralysis’ is the stand out track for us. Distorted vocal samples with calming piano and synthesizer renditions, the track finds house music rhythms and offers a comfortable listening experience.

“Creating this EP was a way to re-connect with my true self. Somehow for several years I had lost touch with what I really enjoyed as an artist, and I looked into my soul to recover lost emotions. Past Lives is a reference to my previous travels, where I had several occasions to be in awe with the world. This time in my life felt distant as if in past lives, however I knew there was still a connection. Past Lives is about finding that connection again.” -Healing Spells

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