UK Based super trio, Sonic Souls, present an impressive remix ep of the classic ‘Missing’ single featuring the heavenly, sultry vocals of Red. The three-piece group comprised of Matt Frost, Tim Laws, and Marvin Beaver find time together from their other various music projects to produce and write music as Sonic Soul. Last summer, their ‘Dreams’ rework was the pinnacle year project together that released last summer on their Yamazuki Music imprint.

As part of their first moves in 2018 together, Sonic Souls is proud to present 4 incredible remixes from various producers and genres of their floor-rolling single, ‘Missing’. Rare Candy and Skallee & Wagz present two club banging house remixes that will have all club patrons flooding the dance floor. Martin Craig brings a calmer and tropical perspective to the single and delivers an excellent radio-friendly remix. LilRich hits our personal soft spot with a naughty UKG spin of Sonic Souls crushing original.

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