Tim Bergling, also known and forever cherished as Avicii, stands strong as an icon in electronic dance music culture. Two years later after his tragic passing, Avicii is far from forgotten. In Stockholm, Sweden, the Avicii Experience will be opening its doors to the public in 2021. Fans can go visit the artist’s hometown and take part in this tribute museum experience.

The museum will include his life between his childhood, including his childhood bedroom, all the way to his big move to Los Angeles. It will also feature special memorabilia, never before seen media of the artist including photos, videos, and even music. If this is what they are reporting to the public now so early I can only imagine what is to be seen when you actually arrive at those footsteps. The CEO of Pophouse Entertainment Group and co-founder of Avicii Experience had this to say about Avicii:

“Avicii left behind a legacy of transforming modern dance music and pioneering a revolution of the EDM scene that spread across multiple genres, leading him to become one of the most influential producers, performers and songwriters of our time,”

The legendary disco hit-maker Nile Rodgers, who also closely collaborated with Tim says:

“Avicii has quite rightly been celebrated as one of the greatest DJ’s of all time and as an important artist who made massively successful records but what I will remember the most is that Tim was one of the finest songwriters I ever worked with. We could work together for 24 hours a day and his melodic ideas would never stop coming. He was a melodic beast who has not as yet had the recognition he deserves for his extraordinary talent. Tim, I love and miss you my friend!”

This experience is part of SPACE, a concept where gaming and music content creation come together as one. SPACE is an interactive environment that allows people to create their unique content and connect with like-minded creators. The venue is reported to have an arena, gaming center, production studio for musicians, restaurants, and even a gym all under one roof. The museum is located at Sergels Torg in Stockholm’s city center. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Tim Bergling Foundation, an advocacy group for suicide recognition as a global health emergency, and promotes breaking down the stigma of mental health.


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