For the very first time Slander and SVDDEN DEATH come together to perform their first b2b set. Slander started The Eye Tour with Dylan Matthew in 2019. While on tour they debuted new music together. Recently they streamed their LA stop in 2019. SVDDEN DEATH has been snatching souls with his VOYD album and tour.

Bass heads showed their support and excitement for his EDC announcement since, you guessed it, we’re getting his VOYD set. What highly anticipated set would be complete without new music! Slander & SVDDEN DEATH will be debuting their first collab so yes more new music to enjoy in the comfort of your quarantine space. Catch this live stream on Saturday, May 2nd at 8pm PST on Slander’s Twitch You know what they say, there’s a party so let’s get this party started.

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