Today, BOYS NOIZE reveals the video for his third track of the upcoming Mayday album, “Starchild” featuring Poliça HERE. The video is shot by LIL INTERNET in Miami and stars Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh.

“Working on the song “Starchild” with Boys Noize and the video with Lil Internet were both two of the most inspiring and interesting things I’ve done so far. I am honored to be able to have spent time in both of their worlds and work under their minds for these collaborations” – Channy Leaneagh, Poliça.

The techno punk, the unboxable nomad, Berlin DJ and producer BOYS NOIZE will release his 4th solo album MAYDAY on May 20, 2016 via Boysnoize Records. The third track off the new album, “Starchild”, features Channy Leaneagh of Poliça world record by Zane Lowe on his BEATS 1 show. Earlier, “Overthrow” and “Euphoria” ft Remy Banks were revealed from the upcoming release MAYDAY.

Now BOYS NOIZE is back with MAYDAY, his most dynamic album to date. Infectiously energetic, fusing the energy and spirit of punk with the raw power of modern techno and the early days of rave, MAYDAY exists as a new expression entirely, transporting the innocence of a bygone era into the here and now without ever sounding anachronistic or nostalgic. Collaborations with POLIÇA, HUDSON MOHAWKE, BENGA, REMY BANKS, SPANK ROCK, and some special secret guests (the liner notes are definitely worth a read) broaden the range further than ever. “I always try to challenge myself as a producer and a musician,” says Ridha. “Keeping the purity of electronic music but taking it somewhere new is the most difficult, and most motivating. MAYDAY is me taking the music I love to the future, no matter how uncertain the future seems.”

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