Last year, Headhunterz finally revealed to fans that he will no longer produce hardstyle. This didn’t go very well with fans who have loved his music for years. Before 2015 ends, Headhunterz wanted to address his hardstyle fans on his transitioning of sound. Although fans might not like the route he is taking, he’s made many memories and songs that will last a lifetime. It’s about changing and making something new again for Willem. Read his post reaching out and explaining why he has moved on but not forgotten.

“I am not talented or specially gifted. I’m good at learning. I am fascinated by the learning process and I love it. I’m persistent when I want something, I’m passionate and curious. Learning and discovering is what I love doing. And when I stop feeling like that, that is when I know I have to move on. Last year I decided to make that change and before we end 2015 and make a fresh start, I want to have this said.

Dear hardstyle community, I want to say that I don’t want to interpret my change as a goodbye even though I understand it must have felt like that for people that had gotten used to me making a very specific sound for a long time. For me music is not about bpm’s, it’s really about expression of emotions and sharing it with people who resonate with it, and I have never stopped doing that.

I hope you will stick around while I keep walking my path, while I fall and get up and learn how to live my life, and translate that into music. And if not then I wish you all the best in your life. Sorry if you have ever felt like I left you in the dark. I am forever thankful for the memories we have, and those are timeless.”



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