A few days before their massive Los Angeles show with Dillon Francis last year, Josh Young made a big decision to leave his duo Flosstradamus with little explanation. Known as YehMe2 by those who follow his solo music career, Young put out several tracks as well as two mixtapes in the short time he’s been a solo artist. Despite this and his upcoming ‘Steal This Tour’, Young still found it incredibly hard to walk away from the community of Flosstradamus fans, as he explains in his interview with Run The Trap. He also details his decision to leave the group and what it’s like being on his own:

“There are some factors I’m willing to discuss publicly and some that I’m not. Mainly in addition to wanting to spend more time with my family, I wanted to take creative control of my career, music and artistic vision…Being able to get a clear and concise artistic vision across is very satisfying. I’ve had so much fun being able to experiment and create art without limitation. My biggest challenge at this point is outgrowing the “hypeman” stigma. In the last year, I’ve dropped 2 mixtapes, 60+ tracks and remixes and yet I still get people saying “all you do is yell on the mic.” But as frustrating as that is, it’s a slight annoyance in the big scheme of things. Overall I’m just stoked on the shit I’m making.”

When asked about the production process in Flosstradamus, this is what Josh had to say

“When it came to music we didn’t collaborate music. Songs [were] usually produced by one of us,” he said. “Curt usually produced the originals, and I usually handled remixes and collabs. I don’t miss sharing creative responsibility, no.”

For those wondering what Josh’s first massive solo tour will be like, he gives a quick description of what to expect.

“I’m heading out on my debut US/Canada tour “Steal This Tour” this week! The stage production is crazy… It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I love high concept stage productions and in the day in age of DJs in front of LED walls, it’s cool to do something different.”

YehMe2 is underway on his tour now, with stops around the country all through October. Enter our Giveaway Here to win two tickets to his LA tour stop.

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