Establishing the next step in Diamond Blu Records’ journey through reimagined, forward thinking underground dance music is Toronto’s Alex Lytvyn. Known professionally as Pastiche, he just tied the bow his new Asymetric EP.

Out now on all streaming platforms, Asymetric invokes mental pictures of a more futuristic dancefloor. While many ambitious artists create bodies of work inspired by the same imagery, the key difference in Pastiche’s approach is his uniquely psychedelic influence onto his beats, most evident in the title track.

Cosmos is a strong opening number, incorporating a combination of lush pads, a sharp baseline and a gentle melody that takes center stage during the track’s breakdown. Funkmatic finds itself among the list of tracks a DJ would want to keep as a secret weapon; the retro vibes inherent in the track’s synthplay is enhanced with a deep vocal sample in which the narrator defines the many true meanings of House music. The EP concludes with The Girl, which is one half clean tech house and one part deep story narrated with sensual style. Be you a clubber looking for a perfect track to bump on the way to work or a DJ looking for a secret weapon to drop under the lights of a club, you’ll find a track on this EP that suits your fancy.

Stream the whole thing via Soundcloud above and dowload the EP on Spotify.







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