Miriam Tamar is a rising LA-based singer, songwriter, and musician, who has just recently released her US debut, Firedance. Her 5-track EP hit iTune’s Top 5 World Music chart and you could say is a culmination of her humanitarian efforts, world travel, and deep understanding of diversity and culture through her experiences. Although music has played a large part in her education and college studies, her experiences in Uganda working with a peace education program. It was through her work experiences here, where she was able to collaborate and work with various musicians, such as her partner and Ugandan hip hop superstar, GNL Zamba.

Her vision heard through her Firedance EP can be summed up nicely by Miriam herself:

“I believe if we are able to struggle and bring out the best in ourselves, we’re then able to be upstanders in our own lives, our families, our communities, and hopefully even beyond.” -Miriam Tamar

Electronic music producer, Morsy, was able to help Miriam take her music towards a new direction or in her words, “straight to the dance floor.” Boosted with some groovy Afrodeep inspired house productions, Morsy reworks Who We and the self-titled track, Firedance, into dance floor rollers that will have you moving and groovy to these tribal beats.

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